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Empowering the women of the Karamojong

I am sure many of you have never heard of the Karamojong. They are a nomadic people of northern Uganda. The Karamoja region is the poorest of all Uganda and one of the poorest on earth.  The men of the Karamojong are cattlemen and spend most of the time travelling with the herds in search of grazing and water. This means the women are left behind to look after all the needs of the household such as: cooking, cleaning, fetching water and growing what little food they can to feed the children. Karamojong children have the worst mortality rates of all Uganda.  20% of the children don’t live past the age of five. The Karamoja region is the harshest in the country. It has the worst economy, the lowest education levels, and very high rates of domestic violence.

It is with great joy that I share with you that Project41, made possible by a grant from the Pentair Foundation, has recently sent 50 Rainmaker systems to the Karamoja Women’s Development Organization! It is amazing to watch the transformation that takes place when a woman is empowered to improve the life of her family. Many believe the Karamoja region is helplessly broken.  I can assure you, the spirit of these women is alive and well. The Karamojong women are not broken. They are rising above their circumstance and becoming the agents of change for their families. We are humbled to partner with them.         

Written by
Andy Pierce