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The Farmers

70% of the poorest in our world are small scale farming families. These hard working people suffer through some of the most desperate circumstances one can possibly imagine. They are not looking for handouts. What they want, what they need, is the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.


The Pump

The P41 Rainmaker is a simple tool that allows a farmer who normally must rely on seasonal, unpredictable rainfall, to thoroughly and easily irrigate land. Our pumps are capable of delivering up to 50 gallons of water per minute. The P41 Rainmaker is an environmentally sustainable, clean energy device that efficiently converts human power into mechanical power without requiring fuel or electricity.


Food Security

Food security is a significant challenge in the developing world.  Hunger and malnutrition lead to more deaths than Aids, Malaria and TB combined.
The World Food Program estimates "in order to keep up with the growing worldwide demand for food, agriculture production will need to increase 70% by 2050".

It is increasingly clear that new solutions must be found. The way to meet the need for this growing demand is to increase production of the small scale farmer.



We view the poor as agents of change.  They have the capacity to lift themselves out of poverty. All they need is opportunity.
In our opinion, providing the poor with a way to make money is the best way to target poverty. Is it really that simple? For many it is. Our farmers are realizing up to 700% increases in yearly incomes. 

After they grow enough food to meet the nutritional needs of their families, they are able to take the remainder of their harvest to market.

As a result, this simple tool leads to economic development for the entire community.



Imagine living on less than a dollar a day. Your family starves much of the year. You can't afford to send your children to school. 

Now imagine you are able to acquire a simple device that allows you to grow more food than you ever thought possible.  For the first time you can remember, your family has plenty of food to eat.  You have enough left over to take to market. This creates more income than ever before, and allows you to send all of your children to school. When a member of your family becomes sick, you are able to afford proper medical care. 
This very scenario is playing out in the lives of families in numerous countries because of the generous support of Project41 partners.


Measured Results

Project 41's mission is to alleviate extreme poverty. This is a good intention, but good intentions don't always lead to real change. The only way to know whether real change is taking place is to set clear goals and provide accurate performance metrics.

We are developing our evaluation policies and procedures with academic leaders in the fields of agriculture and food security. 

Our metrics program will be used to report on such things as family wealth improvement, income and employment creation, and impact on food security.