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Water Filtration System

Our SafeTap water filtration system is robust, easy to use, and operates under very low pressures. Utilizing advanced hollow fiber membrane technology, the system removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts. Our unique integrated backflush means this system can provide a near endless supply of clean, safe water. At 3 gpm the system is perfect for schools, health centers, or anywhere else clean water is needed.


Water Crisis

Waterborne illness is a leading cause of child mortality today. For many families in the developing world, water can account for up to 25% of their household budget. Whether it is a single family, school, health center, or community point of access, our filter is a revolutionary solution to the global water crisis. We are committed to providing the necessary tools for access to safe, clean, affordable water through our SafeTap water filter.

We have seen the ravages of water-borne illness first hand and we have dedicated our lives to change this horrible reality.



For the past decade P41 founder Andy Pierce has travelled abroad installing large scale water filtration systems at health centers across the developing world. While these systems work very well, most health centers can’t afford the maintenance, let alone the cost, of a large system. The need for a smaller more affordable device was very apparent. This led to the development of the SafeTap, featuring all the same technology of these larger systems in a compact and extremely cost effective device.


Tested and Approved

“As a Public Health Scientist with over a decade experience working in sub Saharan Africa and Asia, I have witnessed and tested water at various healthcare facilities and majority of the facilities have poor water. It is sad that when poor families go to seek health care they end up getting exposed to poor water quality that may compound their illness. The SafeTap water filtration system will go a long way to assist healthcare facilities to provide clean water for their needs, thereby improving the health of poor families and preventing healthcare acquired infections. I have personally tested the water from the device in Uganda, where it provided clean water free of pathogens, and it works excellently. Recently, the Water Research Institute of CSIR of Ghana also tested the device and came to a similar conclusion. I highly recommend the use of the SafeTap water system in providing clean water to vulnerable populations.”-Habib Yakubi, Global Water Specialist